Wednesday, 20 June 2007

a lovely green salad for HOTM #4

Because a girl can’t live on chocolate alone, right? And because green is my favourite colour. Even though I’m always posting sweet things, I love my vegetables. Except beetroot. And Brussels sprouts. And come to think of it, I’m not keen on red cabbage either. But these aside, I really really really love vegetables. So much so that I often get asked whether I’m a) on a diet or b) a vegetarian. The answers to these questions are no, and no. I just love vegetables. Simple as that.

My inspiration for this salad came from, ahem, a pre-packed M&S salad that contains edamame beans, rucola, sugar snaps and comes with a sweet chilli dressing. In my defence, it’s natural ingredients only and no colourants or preservatives. This salad is of course incredibly easy to make yourself (not to mention quite a bit cheaper than the shop-bought one) so that’s exactly what I’ve been doing recently.

I’m not adding a recipe, since it’s not rocket science. Just throw in whatever greens you have on hand – I’ve used peas, sugar snaps, French beans, asparagus, broad beans and soy beans in all possible combinations – and steam, grill or cook the greens to your liking. For the version I made yesterday I used asparagus (desperately hanging on to the very last ones of the season), broad beans and soy beans, which I boiled (afterwards I used the cooking liquid to make a vegetable soup) and dressed with a drizzle of olive oil, a twist of black pepper, a handful of parsley and some feta cheese crumbled over the top.

This salad tastes lovely all by itself, but it would go equally well as a side dish with grilled chicken or tuna, with bits of bacon in it (because according to some people everything tastes better with bacon and some people are absolutely right), perhaps with a nice lamb chop and roast baby potatoes, or whichever way you fancy. Just make sure you do eat this salad – it’s summery, yummy, crisp, healthy. And green.

This is my entry for Heart of the Matter #4: vegetables. The roundup will be posted on Joanna’s food and eating for life.


Patricia Scarpin said...

I love your salad, Inne - so many good things for you... I'd love to add some of this into pita pockets, it would make a light and delicious dinner!

Nora B. said...

Inni, I am glad that you've recreated this M&S salad. Looks and sounds great. I will definitely try this. I have no qualms about admitting that I like buying certain food from M&S when my sister was living in the UK.

Inne said...

Patricia, what a great idea! As soon as S read your comment, he wanted to run off to the shops to buy pita pockets :)

Nora, it's a very easy salad to make. And as far as prepared foods go, M&S are one of the better ones I think, with only fresh ingredients and no preservatives or E numbers. But I still feel ever so slightly guilty when buying prepared foods...