Sunday, 24 June 2007

my granny rocks!

She makes the best rice pudding ever. I put in my order with her three weeks ago, well in time for my quick weekend trip to Belgium.

After spending Friday night and Saturday morning in Brussels to catch up with my bestest friend A whom I hadn´t seen for ages (this catching up included a really good dark beer and a sweet breakfast of Portuguese pastries at Pastelaria Garcia), and a rainy Saturday afternoon of shopping in Antwerp and catching up with my mum, mum and I headed straight to my granny´s flat, where three lovely plates of rice pudding and freshly brewed coffee were awaiting us.

I have not yet managed to get a proper recipe out of my gran, but I do know she adds a good knob of butter to the milk and rice, doesn´t sweeten it at all (the sugar goes on top) and puts in a good spoonful of saffron threads, all of which results in heaven on a plate.


Tartelette said...

If my grandmother was still alive I would her into a throwdown with yours as rice pudding was her specialty! Grandmas have a knack with rice puddings...

Elle said...

Hadn't thought to put saffron in rice pudding, but I bet it's stellar. See if you can get the recipe. Your granny certainly rocks.
Welcome to the Daring Bakers, too.