Sunday, 10 June 2007

weekend shenanigans

No, I haven’t forgotton my little blog. Or the location of my kitchen. I have been rather busy though. Last Saturday S and I drove to Wiltshire for a friends’ wedding; beautiful countryside, cosy B&B, lovely ceremony and fun party. And while we were out there – we hardly ever manage to get out of London – we visited Stonehenge the day after the wedding and arrived back home in London Sunday evening. And that was the entire weekend gone, without so much as boiling water or toasting a slice of bread. Let alone making gourmet treats.

This weekend has also flown past, again without any baking. Renovating a house is hard work, not to speak of all the dust it generates and thus the amount of cleaning required. (which is totally pointless, because the dust is everywhere and settles back on the furniture as soon as you finish cleaning). Add grocery shopping and laundry to the DIY and cleaning, and that’s another bakeless weekend gone.

I would like to say thank you to everyone who has left any comments on my blog so far – it keeps on surprising me that people I don’t know actually read my ramblings. I never know whether or not I should answer each comment individually – if I do it might seem as if I’m trying to bump up my comment count, but if I don’t I might come across as rude?

So, thank you everyone for reading my blog and leaving comments. Due to a lack of baking pictures, here’s a nice picture of Stonehenge (taken by S). And I’ll be back soon with more baking – I’ve already got a few ideas for the next Sugar High Friday and July’s Monthly Mingle. But right now I’m going to scrub the paint off my arms, rinse the sanding dust out of my hair and enjoy a nice cold Cosmopolitan.

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Helen said...

Inne: we leave comments because you give us substance, and I mean that from the heart. I love that picture!
Keep up the good work on this blog. I cannot begin to tell you how my life has been enriched since I started mine.