Wednesday, 24 January 2007

about me

Many moons ago, when trying to find out what happened to a certain pastry chef, google directed me to a delightful little website called nordljus. I was instantly hooked – the recipes!!! The pictures!!! I just wanted to lick my computer screen. One click lead to another and suddenly I found I had discovered a whole new universe out there, craftily hidden away in the bowels of the world wide web. How was it possible I didn’t know this world existed? And, more importantly, how did I ever manage without my weekly fix of food blogs?

I read, clicked, followed links, read some more, clicked again, discovered many other beautiful blogs and got to know more about the people behind it all. Almost like watching a soap series. But not quite. I clicked and read for quite some time – generally just happily lurking about (apparently that’s what it’s called). Away from the computer I cooked and baked as usual, taking the occasional snapshot of the results. Then, strangely enough, I found myself looking at some blog formats and ‘how to’ websites, but found all the tech talk rather scary. Actually, make that REALLY scary. I’m not a computer person and have not patience whatsoever with them. Same with cameras. Or anything that comes with wires, lots of buttons and USB thingies, for that matter. But hey, if all those people can do it, then I can do it too! No way every single blogger out there is a computer expert. So here it is, my very own blog. And here’s a little bit more about me.

Originally from Belgium, I’ve been living in London for the past five years, with my fantabulous partner S, who’s also Belgian. We live in a rather poor and very unfashionable, yet remarkable nice, not to mention lively and vibrant part of East London, where, for the past two years, we’ve been busy renovating our house. I’m not a chef and I’ve never taken any cooking courses – I just enjoy cooking and baking and trying out new and unusual recipes. Especially sweet things, to satisfy my huge sweet tooth. I’m not a photographer either, nor a stylist – heck, I don’t even have simple white plates! And I’m way too impatient to faff around endlessly with my food and props. When it’s ready, I want to eat it. Simple as that.

At the last count, my collection of cookbooks reached the grand number of fifteen. Plus some free magazine supplements and scribbled down recipes. Not too excessive, I would think. And I’ve never ever bought a food magazine. Whenever I mention buying a new cookbook, S complains I have plenty already, but I think there’s lots of space left on the kitchen bookshelf.

In our kitchen cupboards you’ll find a mishmash of gifts and hand-me-downs – we’ve got some 80-year-old plates that used to belong to S’s grandparents, some Japanese-y style plates, bowls and cups, and some odd bits and bobs. And aprons and oven mitts. Lots of them. Possibly enough to supply the whole population of a country the size of Luxemburg. For some strange reason, people keep on giving me those things. Anyways. Our kitchen itself is a complete mishmash of things; sunglasses are highly recommended to subdue the dark blue, turquoise and lime green colour scheme we inherited from the previous owners of our house. S and I are working on it though, during our DIY-filled weekends. Once the kitchen is done, its cabinet contents will be renewed also. And then, who knows, I might finally get myself some simple white plates…