Friday, 22 February 2008


with the freakish winter we've been having, the flowers in my garden have all come out way too early

Where has February gone? It seems the new year started only yesterday, and suddenly two whole months have passed! As must be glaringly obvious from a complete absence of posts, not much baking has been going on in the vanille & chocolat household.

The one thing that has been going on, in large quantities, is DIY. Which usually starts on Saturday morning and ends Sunday evening, after we’ve washed all the dust out of our hair, soothed our aching muscles with a relaxing hot bath, and settled down in front of the telly with a nice cocktail (yes, those lemons sure served their purpose, if not the one originally intended).

American pancakes, baby knitting and my beautiful new ironing board cover

During the past few weeks, there was a wonderful and comforting Flemish dish: witlof (chicory) and ham rolls, in a cheesy b├ęchamel sauce, topped with breadcrumbs and butter, baked in the oven. Prepared by S – yes, I am one lucky woman. There were also hearty breakfasts, to get enough energy for all the DIY. I’m totally in love with the American pancakes, bacon and maple syrup combo. I know this must seem a very mundane breakfast for you Americans out there, but I find it very exotic and if S would let me, I’d make it every weekend.

Weeknights, there has been lots of soup, housework, knitting (hadn’t done that for ages and my friend L having a baby was the perfect excuse to take it up again), and also the discovery of house renovation, crafty and decoration blogs. And etsy. All very addictive, but oh so inspiring!

details of two prints I fell in love with and just had to buy on etsy

This weekend we’re taking a break from all the DIY and are jetting off to Belgium for another one of these and some retail therapy. But I’ve got some new goodies and interesting recipes I can’t wait to try, plus there’s a few bank holidays coming up and the days are getting longer, so hopefully March should see something more than one sorry blog post saying I don’t have time to blog.

Have a nice weekend everyone!